Rain Beauty Lounge

Like the restorative nature of warm coastal rain.

An inviting experience that re-awakens feelings of contentment, vitality and a sense of wellbeing; welcoming you back, time and time again.

Rain Beauty Lounge was founded by Kumod Raney in 2005, guided by her passion and belief in the transformative nature of beauty rituals, and their connection to improved vitality and wellbeing. We were brought on-board to help create a compelling brand for today’s modern woman, while paving the way for an established beauty salon’s continued success. In a market that continues to become increasingly saturated with brands and concepts that occupy the all-encompassing beauty and lifestyle space, our focus was to create a distinct brand positioning for Rain Beauty Lounge, helping the brand to better connect with a clearly defined target audience and wider community at every point of interaction.


Rejuvenation, revisited.



Strategy & Direction / Brand Identity / Stationery & Collateral / Interiors Concept / Website Concept / Brand Guidelines