The Cake Bar

Behind The Cake Bar is the fundamental philosophy of taking baking to a new level, creating artful impressions with every flavorful bite.

Founded in Dubai in 2008 with pride, Bloom was honored to work with passion-infused business owner, Sawsan Al Diwani, to give this well-known Jumeirah establishment a makeover that would re-position the brand and cultivate a taste for the extraordinary through its unique and inspiring concept. The new brand is vibrant and inviting, and exudes a playful elegance that is interweaved with credibility and a progressive spirit. All brand ingredients blend seamlessly to enhance everyday experiences, while the business raises the bar for flavor and design innovation across the quality baked goods category.


Raising the bar for design innovation in baked goods.



Strategy & Direction / Brand Identity / Stationery & Collateral / Packaging / Website Design / Brand Guidelines / Photography / Art Direction / Copywriting / Brand Planning / Brand Guardianship